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Posted by Jäger on 2005-03-31 10:42:23


I typically prefer a nice optical mouse. (Cordless is good, but my only cordless mouse is a ball mouse; usually when I try to use it I give up and plug in my corded optical mouse I carry around with my notebook.) I'll use a touchpad for casual use, but it annoys me when I try to do anything specific; a mouse feels more natural since there's a direct correlation between the pointer movement on the screen and my hand movement. My experience with erasers is few and far between. (My first notebook, a 486 that was old when I first got my hands on it, had a trackball that worked fairly well; the best part was that I could use my thumb to manipulate the ball without moving my hands.)

I can't stand the tiny "made-for-notebook" mice that are half the size of my wireless phone and cause my hand to cramp just thinking about them.

I recently spotted a Logitech full-size cordless optical mouse with a USB dongle reciever instead of a brick-on-a-cord that's completely unsuitable for portable use. I think I'll get one (or two) sometime soon... as soon as my budget recovers from buying a "new" Thinkpad.


Illyria (2005-03-30 22:52:41)
yet another half-implemented feature... 2000.04.13; i'm going to bed
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