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EULA reintepertation

Posted by Jäger on 2004-07-07 15:32:07


I wasn't saying IBM notebooks were over-priced; in fact, I fully appreciate many of the extra features the more-expensive IBM notebooks come with for their price. (Real Windows cds is one; those horrid eraser "pointing devices" is not.) I was attempting to forestall your comments complaining that we didn't buy an IBM notebook.

(I think one does get what one pays for with respect to notebok computers, but I think that part of the value of buying IBM is the brand recogonition. No one ever got fired for buying IBM notebooks. I still want one. :) )

The more that I think about it, I think Toshiba is reinteperting Microsoft's EULA. They're still allowing the customer to reject the EULA and return the operating system, provided that the entire computer is returned as well. I suspect, therefore, that it's *legal*, but still monopolostic and (depending on one's leanings) unethical.

I suspect that if we had US$nk to spend (where n is more than 2), we wouldn't have to pay the Microsoft tax and we'd get a better notebook to boot.


Refund Day? (2004-07-06 11:23:45)
A standard question in the Commune, "Study well?", has absolutely
nothing to do with how well one learned the designated material,
but rather to the individual's interactions with the one with whom
he is studying.
- Jaeger, journal entry 28 October 1999