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Laptop Hardware

Posted by cg4l on 2004-07-07 17:12:21


OK. Here's my 2 pennies worth on the laptop hardware critique. My computer at home became exclusively a laptop as of a few months ago. So pointing devices became more of an issue for me. Quite honestly, both "trackpads" and "erasers", well to put it plainly, stink. Nothing works like a good mouse and that is what I use. USB, optical. And the wireless mini's are kind of cool also. But if I was forced to decide which I like better, than the eraser would be my choice since the physics of how trackpads work and the fact that my fingers must produce massive amount of heat prevent satisfactory use of that type of pointing device. Anyway, as far as brand name versus value, hmmmm. If money wasn't an issue than I'd get a Scalable Processor ARChitecture powered NextCom PowerSPARC UNIX Portable Workstation. But I wouldn't have IBM's name recognition then, would I? ;)


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