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Blue Kiesa

Posted by Jäger on 2004-07-08 20:52:46


After thinking about it for a while, yesterday morning Kiesa finally opened her new notebook, nuked Windows XP, installed Windows 2000 (transfering the license from Elssbett, which may technically be breech of contract, but Kiesa doesn't care), and installed Woody. I took over last night, compiled a 2.6.7 kernel, upgraded to Sarge, and tried to get everything to work. I had some issues getting Blue's lone Cardbus slot to work properly. This evening, I took Blue with me to BLUG (arriving half an hour late because Kiesa insisted on having the recycling removed from the apartment prior to tomorrow), tried to compile linux-wlan-ng kernel modules, and realized that my new modules were failing to load because I compiled the kernel with gcc 2.95 prior to upgrading to Sarge. I recompiled the kernel with gcc 3.3, compiled the modules, and all was good.

I'm now sitting it Caffe Sole amusing myself with wireless and listening to a conversation between Rise and Zan Lynx about Java memory management.


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