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Trackpad vs eraser

Posted by Linknoid on 2004-07-08 06:56:17


I haven't used either trackpad or eraser enough to really decide which I like better, but I think which is better depends on the task.

Trackpads seem to have a bit more precision, i.e. it's easier to land the mouse pointer exactly where you want it, although it's still worse than a mouse. But the advantage of the erasers over the trackpads is that you can move the pointer all the way across the screen without having to take several swipes across the trackpad, which I find quite burdensome.

So if your activity is limited to moving the pointer around a small area on the screen with need for precision, trackpads are probably better, but if you have to jump around a lot around the screen, the eraser definitely has an advantage. It's a fraction of the work to get there, bit it's harder to hit the target when it gets there.

I find little tiny trackballs more annoying than either, but I'd like to experiment with a full sized trackball (which they don't seem to make anymore) some time.


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