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Gateway Memory

Posted by humblik on 2004-07-08 11:37:41


I'm not completely convinced that you get what you pay for in PCs. It depends on who you're buying from, how much more they are charging, and how much you personnally value that.

I need to do a memory upgrade on some of our E-3400s here at work. They currently have 128MB of High Density PC133 SDRAM DIMM. Gateway wants ~$100 to for a 256MB High Density PC133 SDRAM DIMM. Market price appears to be ~$50 for essentially the same chip. I'm not convinced that Gateway's doubling of the price is worth the guarantee that their memory will work in the machine. I'm willing to try purchasing from a different vendor and take my chances at that rate.

On a slightly side note, Gateway and Kingston apparently have a deal going that I find very annoying. Neither will give out all of the specifications on their hardware. So there is no way for the average consumer to tell if one model of Kingston chip is actually the same as one marketed as Gateway RAM, which they sell for more than double the cheaper one's price.

This seems to be a consistent theme among those who sell memory. I'm intentionally not buying Kingston or Gateway memory because of this. I'm now looking at Corsair or maybe Samsung.


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